Sunday, 23 July 2017

What I wear to travel

My day to day wardrobe is a lot different to my travel wardrobe. Working in fashion my appearance is important, so 90% of the time I'm in heels and a full face of make up.

Unless I'm working from home, in which case I live in my pyjamas.

My travel wardrobe, however, couldn't be more different. I'm a complete minimalist when I travel and like to only take the bare essentials. Dressing up for nights out doesn't bother me and I value comfort over anything else.

This is especially true of what I wear in transit. I've always had pretty comfortable experiences on flights, but that doesn't mean I want to risk it and attempt a travel with my T-shirt riding up or wearing shoes that give me blisters.

Here's what I wore for a two-hour flight to Croatia.


Obviously. For my next trip I plan on swapping my swimming costume for a bikini so I can wear the top as a bra instead, I'm always looking for ways to save space in my bag.


Normally, I'm a big believer in the leggings-are-not-trousers rule, but when I'm travelling I don't care. These ones are from Primark. They're warm, stretch and can be worn as pyjamas or workout trousers while I'm away.

Vest top 

I spend most of my life in these things. I like the cami-dress style from Primark, I have quite a long torso in comparison to the rest of my body so I like things that cover my bum. These are the perfect length and come in a million different colours.


I wouldn't wear bring this with me again, it came off the second I left my house. The problem with living in England is that you never know what the weather will be like when you get home. I never wore this while I was away, so I'll put a light sweater in my bag next time instead.


This thing comes EVERYWHERE with me. It's the ultimate multi-tool and it's become a bit of a comfort blanket for me. I use it as a scarf, a shawl, an eye mask and a blanket. It's like enough to fold up in my bag and a complete travel essential. 


When I travelled around Europe earlier in the year, I lived in my Dr Marten boots, they're comfy as hell and really help when you're walking around in the rain,

For warmer travel, I wear trainers instead. I picked these up at the airport on my way to Barcelona and they're the perfect blend of comfortable and casual without looking too scruffy.