Friday, 9 June 2017

Interailing 101: Travel toiletries

When travelling around Europe, the amount I carried around with me decreased dramatically and what started as an obscenely large 14kg bag ended up being the bare essentials.

One of the first culls I made was to my toiletry bag. Normally I'm quite realistic about what I will need, but I found myself leaving so much behind as I'd fallen for the 'just in case' rule. Here are the absolutely necessary things I needed on my trip, and a few mistakes I made along the way.

These aren't necessarily the brands I took with me, just examples of the products I used.

Shampoo and conditioner

Absolute basics, and one I couldn't get rid of no matter how hard I tried to rationalise with myself that they weren't an essential. I'm quite lucky in that, thanks to how short my hair is, something this size can last me for quite a while, meaning I was able to take it in my carry-on. 

Shower gel

Another essential. I originally carried a bar of soap around with me, using it as both body and face wash. Turns out, bars of soap don't travel very well, and I ended up with a gross gammy mess that I had to get rid of. Although it may take up less space, they're far less practical and better swapped for a travel size bottle of shower gel.

Toothbrush, paste and floss

A few essentials I could never contemplate living without. My mum's a dental hygienist so luckily I have access to an obscene amount of travel-sized tubes of toothpaste and I went for a travel toothbrush that folds in on itself to take up less space. 

Face wash and moisturiser 

These were the only two things I purchased whilst travelling, as I found I missed them and needed to include them in my normal routine. Normally if you're unsure of something I'd say leave it and see how you feel along the way, but if a product is part of your daily routine, be sure to include it in your bag. 


For the good of both yourself and others.

Add in a nail file, clippers, talcum powder and a box of condoms and I was ready to go. 


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