Tuesday, 27 February 2018

There's the Door

I've been thinking about an old friend this week, one I rarely (if ever) talk to anymore but who I've been close with in the past.

Or so I thought.

Thinking about our friendship, I realise I've been doing everything in my power to try and make her be my friend from the get-go, despite all indication that it wasn't a good idea. The happy memories are there, but they're interspersed with fights, cold shoulders and my complete denial of the fact that we just didn't get on.

And now that I've thought about it, I realise I do this a lot. I've done it with friends, I've done it with boyfriends and I've done it with fuck buddies. Anyone who has ever shown a fleeting interest in being in my life, only to take it away again, I've pleaded with them to stay. Making myself unhappy in order to please them, in an attempt to convince them to stick around.

Thankfully, I'm finally realising this, and I'm making the conscious decision to step away from certain people that clearly don't want to be involved in my existence. If people do want to be there, they will, it's that simple.

If not, they know where the door is.


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