Saturday, 26 May 2018

Spilling the Tea.

Two of my favourite things on the planet are sex and hot drinks, which makes the name of this tea selection, Blends with Benefits, quite possibly the most glorious thing on the planet. I'm usually a coffee whore, but due to my tendency to pump my body full of stimulants, I admit I need to give my heart rate a rest from time to time and switch over to tea instead. 

I appreciate the irony in this. 

My problem with tea is a lot like my problem with men, I go balls deep in on one, think it's my new holy grail and then 2 weeks later realise I'm bored with it and leave it in the back of the cupboard to rot, much like the potatoes I've had in the drawer of my fridge for what I can only guess is about 2 months now. Too much of one thing turns my attention off like a red light in a brothel window, and I need variety to keep me interested. 

Luckily, Blends with Benefits does just that. Instead of being a box of just one flavour tea, it's a selection of their top 20 blends that carry a plethora of benefits, or just plain taste good. Want to unwind? Pick out Do Not Disturb. Stressed out like a year 7 with PE and Food Tech practical on the same day? Hit that cup with a bag of And Relax. This isn't a product that's claiming to pay your rent, cure your acne and reverse the effects of a 5-day bender in less time than it took my ex to climax, it's just good old-fashioned, feel-good tea. 

Interested in getting your lips on these delicious blends? Then lucky for you bitch can hook you up. Click here*, buy yourself a brew or two and enjoy the benefits of downing multiple cups of your new fav without the post-caffeine jitters setting in before the 3pm slump.

Trust me, your blood pressure will thank you. 

Want to know more? Check out their media pack here -


*Disclaimer - I get money when people buy this product using the links below. Whether you agree with this or not I really don't care, bitch has rent to pay. 

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